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A bunch of RSS feeds containing the latest quotates carefully stolen from the largest QDB sites on the 'net, stuffed into feeds, and provided here for your benefit.
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Our original RSS XML feeds containing quotes from the highly popular database.

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The Elite QDB Feed

An RSS XML feed from a QDB site calling itself The Elite QDB.

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A barely improved feed of quotes from the QDB.

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This Site (Sydv Quotes, QSN)


This site is currently dedicated to providing quick, easy, and up-to-date* RSS feed of the latest and greatest quotes from some of the largest QDB sites. These feeds were generated in the hope that someone might have a use for a quick, already-extracted RSS source of funny quotes.

Please use these feeds in any way you can think of. As they were created for easy access from beyond the browser.

* These feeds are updated hourly.


— I'd like to thank those who have submitted funny quotes to the QDB sites. I've wasted many an hour reading through quotes on these sites.
— This page's layout is based upon the Firefox XML-display page.
Please remember that I cannot be held responsible for the content of these feeds: I have no control over the content of the QDB sites from which the feed content is automatically taken.

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