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A bunch of RSS feeds containing the latest quotates carefully stolen from the largest QDB sites on the 'net, stuffed into feeds, and provided here for your benefit.
— How lovely.

Feed URL Change Notice

Due to a number of somewhat recent events raising questions about the future of Feedburner, I have decided to move these feeds to a domain that I control. Hopefully, by doing so, I will be able to keep them running for as long as there's still some demand for them, regardless of Feedburner's fate.

What this means for new users: Nothing! All of the feed links on this page already point to the new addresses.

What this means for current users: If you wish for your usage to continue uninterrupted, you will need to update the address used by your reader/application/script. You can do so by:
- obtaining the new feed address from this page.
- changing the domain in the current feed address that you are using, from to


Links to our main feeds (for can be found at the top of the page. Links to all of the other feeds that we provide are listed below:

Main QDB Sites Feeds

Our original RSS XML feeds containing quotes from the highly popular database. (New quotes added less frequently then we'd like.)

— Latest Quotes »
— Top100 Quotes »
— Top200 Quotes » Feed

It's the 'official' feed from's fork ( containing the site's latest quotes. (Fresh quotes seem to be added monthly.)

— Latest Quotes »

The Elite QDB Feed

An RSS XML feed from a QDB site calling itself The Elite QDB. (Quotes added relatively often; Feed unique to Quotes.Sydv)

— Latest Quotes »

Other QDB Sites QDB Feed

A barely improved feed of quotes from the QDB. (More quotes included quite often.)

— Latest Quotes »

Wookiee' QDB Feed

A normally formatted feed of amusing quotes from the Wookiee' QDB. (Updated quotes inserted fairly frequently.)

— Latest Quotes »


The RSS XML feed of quotes from the XKCDB database of quotes from #xkcd. (Additional quotes added almost daily.)

— Latest Quotes »

This Site (Sydv Quotes, QSN)


This site is currently dedicated to providing quick, easy, and up-to-date* RSS feed of the latest and greatest quotes from some of the largest QDB sites. These feeds were generated in the hope that someone might have a use for a quick, already-extracted RSS source of funny quotes.

Please use these feeds in any way you can think of. As they were created for easy access from beyond the browser.

* These feeds are updated hourly.


— I'd like to thank those who have submitted funny quotes to the QDB sites. I've wasted many an hour reading through quotes on these sites.
— This page's layout is based upon the Firefox XML-display page.
Please remember that I cannot be held responsible for the content of these feeds: I have no control over the content of the QDB sites from which the feed content is automatically taken.

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